Parade Promos

  by Kacie Long Whether you live in a small town or a big city, parades are a staple no matter where you go. A parade helps show unity throughout the community while celebrating a specific event — not to mention it’s a perfect opportunity for a local business to get its name out there. Think[…]

Best Stadium Cups for Sporting Events

by r.humphreys There’s nothing quite as invigorating as watching a live sporting event in a crowded stadium. The team spirit is contagious. (And even if you’re not that into sports, the people-watching is worth the trip alone – not to mention the tailgating parties!) Whether you buy your refreshments in the stadium stands or drink[…]

Top Wearable Promotional Products That People Will Actually Wear

Promotional apparel is a smart way to spread your brand message – your audience wears your logo and spreads the message to everyone they meet. The problem? Just because it’s wearable, doesn’t mean it will be worn.  If you’re considering setting up a corporate apparel program for employees to purchase branded clothing or a company[…]

How Promotional Pens Improve Brand Awareness

Today’s marketing professionals seek to improve their company’s brand awareness by using the most effective marketing tactics that deliver the highest return. If you want to get more “bang” for your marketing buck, consider the medium. Are you choosing the marketing medium that will provide the biggest return on your investment? A promotional product is[…]

Orange is the New Black- Brand Marketing

How Orange is the New Black Uses Promotional Products   Season 5 of Orange is the New Black (OITNB) is premiering Friday, June 9th, and the hype for this new season is HUGE. Some would even say it is the greatest show in Netflix’s original series history. According to, the show has amassed three million views so we can assume everyone has[…]

How to Encourage Participation in Corporate Wellness Programs

Does your organization run a corporate wellness program? If you do little more than give employees promotional gym bags upon hire, then now may be the time for a revamp of your “program”. Every year, many people decide that January is THE month for change. Use that momentum to propel participation in your improved corporate[…]

Tasty Treats & Gourmet Goodies – Promotional Food Gifts

  Any time someone sends food to the HALO office, it immediately draws a crowd of people ready to dive into it, always asking, “Who sent it?”  When it comes to finding the perfect gift, gourmet goodies always make a good impression. While popcorn tins and roasted nuts are classic go-to’s, the world of promotional[…]

Forget “Top 10” Gift Idea Lists, Get a Personal Shopper

  The phrase “corporate gift ideas” returns over 675,000 Google results. The content on these pages varies, from lengthy product catalogs and top ten gift lists, to informational “how-to” guides on choosing the right holiday/anniversary/thank you/event gifts to impress your audience.  Most of the product suggestions are good; they’re just missing one really important thing your audience demographics.[…]