Promoting Safety in the Workplace

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Everyone – employers and employees – are responsible for promoting safety in the workplace and “by committing to providing safe and healthy work, employers can meet their legal requirements, improve productivity, and reduce costs,” (NY State Health Commissioner Richard F. Daines, M.D.). Shockingly, workplace deaths and injuries cost society $155.5 billion annually with only 4% of these injuries caused by faulty equipment (Workers-Comp-News). Here are some of HALO’s favorite ideas for promoting safety in the workplace.

Put on a Safety Trivia Contest with Safety Themed Prizes

Generate employee interest in safety by offering incentives to learn about safety on their own time. This company-wide event can teach safety as well as boost morale in your workforce. Send out a fun graphic promoting the event with the employee safety procedures manual attached. Format the competition however best fits your company culture. Reward the winners with these fun safety themed prizes. The prizes, as well as a motivator to study the manual, will also reinforce what they learned participating in the trivia contest.

HALO Branded SolutionsHALO Branded SolutionsHALO Branded Solutions

Create a Safety Contest with Prizes

Start by dividing people into teams by department and give them the challenge to find the most safety–related hazards and devise a plan to fix them. The overall winning department receives a prize at the end. This activity helps find flaws in the company’s safety manuals and helps departments bond through a competitive and fun activity. New office tech is a great way to go for more upscale prizes that will motivate your employees to give this contest their best effort.

HALO Branded SolutionsHALO Branded SolutionsHALO Branded Solutions

Provide the Necessary Protective Equipment

Supplying your employees with the proper safety equipment is an integral component to any company. If the right materials are at their fingertips, employees will be more likely to engage with your safety program. Reflective Safety Vests are visible in daylight, poor weather, and at night. Our bestseller Safety Shades are UV protective and stylish. Does your company have workers out on the road often? Then you need the Ultimate Auto Emergency Tool Kit equipped to handle any road emergency. Show your employees that you care about their well-being with HALO’s wide variety of budget-friendly safety promotional items.

HALO Branded SolutionsHALO Branded SolutionsHALO Branded Solutions