Promoting Safety in the Workplace

Everyone – employers and employees – are responsible for promoting safety in the workplace and “by committing to providing safe and healthy work, employers can meet their legal requirements, improve productivity, and reduce costs,” (NY State Health Commissioner Richard F. Daines, M.D.). Shockingly, workplace deaths and injuries cost society $155.5 billion annually with only 4%[…]

Patriotic Promos

  Independence Day is here and it is time to celebrate the birth of our great nation. Seize the opportunity to catch your current and future customers in good spirits during the national holiday. The colors red, white and blue will do more good for your company than you would ever expect. A recent study by NeuroRelay found that[…]

Tremendous Trend or Failing Fad? Branding with Promotional Fidget Toys

  By now you’ve heard of them, seen them and in all likeliness have one in your home – fidget spinners are everywhere. A recent article from Fortune Magazine, however, claims the popular stress-relieving toys are part of a short-lived fad. While Fortune’s data may back the claim, I have to disagree, especially when it comes[…]

Calendars and Holiday Cards

Three Creative Ways to Combine Calendars and Holiday Cards Everyone loves getting holiday greeting cards when December rolls around.  They boost the holiday spirit and remind us of all the various relationships we value whether the cards are from friends, family or business associates.  Because the winter holidays are at the end of the year[…]

Tasty Treats & Gourmet Goodies – Promotional Food Gifts

  Any time someone sends food to the HALO office, it immediately draws a crowd of people ready to dive into it, always asking, “Who sent it?”  When it comes to finding the perfect gift, gourmet goodies always make a good impression. While popcorn tins and roasted nuts are classic go-to’s, the world of promotional[…]