Top 5 Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

by r.humphreys If you’ve made the decision to purchase eco-friendly water bottles as your promotional product choice for an upcoming marketing campaign – good call! Your company will benefit from the brand exposure while scoring points with current and potential customers by giving away eco-friendly water bottles that are good for them and the earth.[…]

Why Promotional Pens are a Cost Effective Promotion

Looking for budget-friendly advertising techniques? Look no further than promotional pens. Customized pens – including the top-selling Bic promotional pens – are promotional products that offer practical functionality in addition to carrying a marketing message. These specialty pens can be customized with your company’s logo and contact details such as a website URL or phone number. So[…]

Patriotic Promos

  Independence Day is here and it is time to celebrate the birth of our great nation. Seize the opportunity to catch your current and future customers in good spirits during the national holiday. The colors red, white and blue will do more good for your company than you would ever expect. A recent study by NeuroRelay found that[…]

Tremendous Trend or Failing Fad? Branding with Promotional Fidget Toys

  By now you’ve heard of them, seen them and in all likeliness have one in your home – fidget spinners are everywhere. A recent article from Fortune Magazine, however, claims the popular stress-relieving toys are part of a short-lived fad. While Fortune’s data may back the claim, I have to disagree, especially when it comes[…]

Make the Most of your Summer by Incorporating Promos into your Summer Activities!

Summer is just around the corner, and with summer comes a variety of fun-filled activities that are perfect for that sunny, warm, beautiful weather! This presents a great opportunity to incorporate summer promos into those events! Here are a few ways you can incorporate branded promos into each of those summertime occasions: Awareness Walks, Runs &[…]

Why Implement a Corporate Wellness Program?

Healthcare costs and rates of chronic disease are continuing to rise each year.  It will only become more difficult for employees and employers to keep up from a financial standpoint.  Because of this successful employee wellness programs have become a necessary asset in the workplace. Poor employee health is linked to more absenteeism, higher disability[…]

How to Make Your Company THE BEST Place to Work

  Companies that win “Best Companies to Work For” awards and find a spot on “top 100 employers” lists understand that you have to invest in employee appreciation programs. Your employees are powerful advocates of your brand. What they say about your company on their social media accounts and in private conversations carries weight. Employees[…]