Top 5 Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

by r.humphreys If you’ve made the decision to purchase eco-friendly water bottles as your promotional product choice for an upcoming marketing campaign – good call! Your company will benefit from the brand exposure while scoring points with current and potential customers by giving away eco-friendly water bottles that are good for them and the earth.[…]

Top Wearable Promotional Products That People Will Actually Wear

Promotional apparel is a smart way to spread your brand message – your audience wears your logo and spreads the message to everyone they meet. The problem? Just because it’s wearable, doesn’t mean it will be worn.  If you’re considering setting up a corporate apparel program for employees to purchase branded clothing or a company[…]

Tremendous Trend or Failing Fad? Branding with Promotional Fidget Toys

  By now you’ve heard of them, seen them and in all likeliness have one in your home – fidget spinners are everywhere. A recent article from Fortune Magazine, however, claims the popular stress-relieving toys are part of a short-lived fad. While Fortune’s data may back the claim, I have to disagree, especially when it comes[…]

Reusable Totes 101: Everything You Need to Know About These Eco-Friendly Promos

Plastic disposable bags are usually the “default” bag used at supermarkets and drugstore chains but they can be costly to our environment and economy. Reusable bags can easily be used as an eco-friendly substitute — not to mention it’s a savvy way to advertise your business. Reusable bags can be used for various types of outings[…]

Last Minute Winter Promo Ideas

Savvy marketing pros know that the key to creating a successful promotional product campaign is to order promo products that are appropriate and useful for the time of year. So, if you’re looking for some last minute additions to your winter marketing campaigns, here are some some of the promotional products you can bet will[…]

How to Make Your Company THE BEST Place to Work

  Companies that win “Best Companies to Work For” awards and find a spot on “top 100 employers” lists understand that you have to invest in employee appreciation programs. Your employees are powerful advocates of your brand. What they say about your company on their social media accounts and in private conversations carries weight. Employees[…]